Stretching: It Helps Your Brain!
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Stretching: It Helps Your Brain!

Stretching should be performed every day to achieve maximum physical and mental health benefits. Of course, we get more flexible and can more easily maintain our range of motion as we get older, but let’s talk about how stretching affects our mind.

Stretching is wonderful for stress relief.

When stressed, there is a high chance your muscles will be overused. This is because your muscles tend to tighten in response to physical and psychological stress. To relieve this, focus on stretching regions of your body where you often hold your anxiety, like your neck, shoulders, and upper spine.

Stretching calms your mind.

Stretching regularly not only helps to increase your flexibility, but it may also calm your mind. As you stretch, concentrate on mindfulness and meditation exercises, which give your brain a mental break.

Stretching helps reduce strain headaches.

Tension and anxiety headaches can interfere with your everyday life. Along with a proper diet, adequate hydration, and a lot of relaxation, stretching may help decrease the tension you are feeling from headaches.