Preventing Theft On Airplanes
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Preventing Theft On Airplanes

The last thing you need to worried about is theft on planes. The men and women who steal from travellers’ carry-on bags are more often than not airline flight attendants more so than passengers.

Reduce your chance of having Things stolen in-flight, follow the tips below:

1. Mark your luggage

With more and more carry-on bags nowadays, put something on your bag to makes it stand out from the rest: a decal or ribbon — anything which reduces the chance of someone else mistaking your bag as theirs (or vice versa).

2. Place carry-on bags upside down

When you put your carry-on bag on the overhead compartment, turn it upside down, so the bag rests on the outer pocket (which frequently contains valuables) This makes it almost impossible to un-zip that pocket without taking your entire bag down.

3. Be alert for red zones

Red zones are notorious areas where goods are most often stolen. One such red zone is the baggage check zone. Wait till you’re ready to walk before taking out your valuables onto the conveyor belt.