3 Tips to Save More While Travelling
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3 Tips to Save More While Travelling

Travelling is expensive, so here are 3 tips for you to save more and travel more!

1. Speak to the Locals

Who better to get insider tips on the local area than the locals themselves. It may go a long way to get good information, establish a friendship and just a discount. An excellent ice-breaker is to request instructions or easy advice (“where’s your favourite restaurant?”).

2. Spend More Time in Fewer Places

We LOVE travelling. Rather than hurrying from one end of a nation to another, or halfway through 6 states in 6 months, familiarize yourself with a region. Undertaking flights, train journeys bus excursions and driving distances can eat into your budget. Slow down, take in, and find all the enjoyable things to do.

3. Frequent Flyer Programs

Earn points towards updates, fares, and companion tickets. They pay off big time, although it could take some time to build up points. I used my points to fly round trip to South Africa from the United States.